Northpointe | Professional Program

Medical Professional Product
Available in the following states: all states (excluding NY)
Eligible Medical Professions include: MD, DO, DDS, DMD, DPM, OD, DP, DCH, DVM, DC

  • Loan Use: Primary Residence, Secondary Residence, Rental

  • Home Type: Single Family, Multi, Condo

  • Loan Type: Home Purchase/refinance/Cash out

  • Career Status: Training or Attending

    Percent Down Loan Amounts up to Required Reserves
    0% $1,100,000 2 months
    5% $1,600,000 2 months
    10% $1,850,000 2 months
    15% $2,000,000 2 months
  • Minimum 700 middle credit score from all borrowers required.

  • Career Status: Training or Attending or Employment contract fully executed up to 90 days

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